Podcasting for Business: What can Podcasting do for you?

Content Marketing is well established as a valuable way for businesses to get their brand recognised; people expect to see regular, interesting content and this opens up opportunities for ongoing audience engagement. Content is often a combination of blog posts, news releases and photography, perhaps even regular short films that can be shared on social media, but has audio been forgotten?

The Growth Of Mobile Business Apps

People across the UK and the wider world have become increasingly reliant upon mobile technology in recent years. A recent survey by Deloitte has revealed that two-thirds of the UK's adult population have smartphones and the vast majority check their devices at least once per day. Time is spent playing games, communicating and shopping on devices such as the exceedingly popular iPhone. It is little wonder that businesses are taking the opportunity to engage and persuade their prospective customers with mobile apps.

Clients we've worked with

BCS Academy    Cityscape Maps Ltd    Gelder Group    Lincoln College    Lincolnshire Scouts    BBC Radio Lincolnshire    Lincs FM Group

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