File Backup

What is your most valuable business asset? Data.

Imagine if you lost this data, what would happen? And how can this be prevented?

With our Hosted File Backup solution, you can look forward to automatic, secure, cloud-based data backup, without the need for unreliable and unsightly in-house servers.

Some of the features you can look forward to include:


No human intervention necessary
- saving you time and money.




With cloud-based storage, your data is
protected from fire and theft.




You will receive email updates of your back-up
activity so that you know everything is safe.




Your data will be backed up in super safe
and secure data centres.




You only pay for what you use, without the
need to invest in costly hardware.




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Clients we've worked with

BCS Academy    Cityscape Maps Ltd    Gelder Group    Lincoln College    Lincolnshire Scouts    BBC Radio Lincolnshire    Lincs FM Group