Podcasting for Business: What can Podcasting do for you?

Content Marketing is well established as a valuable way for businesses to get their brand recognised; people expect to see regular, interesting content and this opens up opportunities for ongoing audience engagement. Content is often a combination of blog posts, news releases and photography, perhaps even regular short films that can be shared on social media, but has audio been forgotten?

If you live a busy life like me, then you will be aware of how tricky it can be juggling work and a personal life, whilst still finding the time to read and catch up on news; this where podcasts really come into their own.

Traditional audio broadcasting has transformed dramatically in recent years with audiences accessing content and music on-demand; this means that radio is having to adapt at a rapid pace to keep up with the ever-changing demands of listeners.

Podcasting as a form of broadcast media, has been around for a while now but is becoming increasingly popular. I find that I have little time to sit down and read articles online or in magazines but being able to access thousands of podcasts at the touch of an app, allows me to catch up on news and interests whilst cooking dinner, or commuting. It certainly is an attractive option as a consumer.

So why should businesses consider podcasting?

Be the voice of reason…

Listening to someone’s voice is much more personal than simply reading something on a screen; in the same way that you become familiar with a radio presenter as if they are an old friend, audiences will connect with you as the voice of your business and this is great way to build their trust in your brand.

Embrace a different audience…

Unlike the world of traditional blogging, the podcast scene is not yet saturated; if you and your business are producing quality and regular audio content then you are ahead of the curve and have the potential to reach a different audience. Innovation will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Start the conversation…

As with all marketing, getting the dialogue going between your brand and your audience is the big first step to success; by its very nature, podcasting is geared up for sharing and reaching a wide audience, harness this power to network on social media and expand your reach. Since you will have already gathered the content and started the discussion, follow up your podcast with a quality blog post and your audience will have access to content across a number of platforms that will encourage interacting and sharing.

Sounds great, so where do I begin?

As with traditional Content Marketing, planning and consistency are key. Pin down who your target audience is, what the value in your podcast will be and how often you will be sharing content.

Once you are ready to get started, get in touch with us and we can help you to produce professional-quality, engaging podcasts that will transform the marketing of your business.

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