The Growth Of Mobile Business Apps

People across the UK and the wider world have become increasingly reliant upon mobile technology in recent years. A recent survey by Deloitte has revealed that two-thirds of the UK's adult population have smartphones and the vast majority check their devices at least once per day. Time is spent playing games, communicating and shopping on devices such as the exceedingly popular iPhone. It is little wonder that businesses are taking the opportunity to engage and persuade their prospective customers with mobile apps.

The Growing Mobile Audience

There are a number of notable business benefits with regards to mobile app development. Quality apps can be released and promoted via Google Play and the Apple Store, giving a potential world-wide market. They may be used as an effective means of collecting customer data and interacting in real time with the sizeable mobile audience. There is also great potential for customer engagement and promotion, given the amount of time that people spend on their mobiles.

It is anticipated that mobile usage will overtake desktop usage in the months ahead. Successful and responsive businesses will have to develop user-friendly apps in order to maintain high levels of customer engagement. They will monetise their apps via the integration of e-commerce features and targeted advertisements, and mobile marketing will be widely accepted as an effective method of promoting business products and services.

There is likely to be a rise in the number of people making mobile purchases in the coming years. It makes absolute sense for businesses to cash in on the trend and increase the reach of their digital offerings.  One way they can raise awareness is by sending regular updates and integrating their mobile apps with different social media channels. Businesses that fail to respond and adapt to the technological changes may be deemed outdated and out of touch.

Building Business Apps

There is a general perception that mobile apps are primarily for technological businesses. With professional mobile app developers sometimes costing tens of thousands of pounds, company owners often fear that they lack the technical awareness and money required to harness the power of mobile technology. However, companies such as Lincolnshire based ByteBox have set up a brand new platform in the aim of simplifying and streamlining the process of app development. Their user-friendly AppGap tool can be used in the production of simple, powerful and customer-focussed apps, at a fraction of the price.

Companies who use the new app development tool are guaranteed to enjoy a variety of significant benefits. Amendments and customer updates may be managed via a smart online control panel. The apps can be promoted via social media and targeted landing pages, and users can access the apps via a range of iPhone, Android and HTML 5 devices. It's even possible to integrate e-commerce features and keep track of app performance via advanced digital analytics.

From professional gardening services to financial consultancy and IT management, the prospects of digital promotion are seemingly endless. Lincolnshire's Kinema In The Woods have already taken the opportunity to target local film-lovers with a brand new app. Mobile users can see film times and click through to book online, view information about the Kinema and view the exact location of The Kinema In The Woods via Google Maps.

Apps For Local Business Communites

The AppGap tool allows for the integration of regular news updates, contact details and shopping features. However, business owners may be particularly interested in the opportunity of sending regular push notifications out to prospective customers. These mobile alerts can be used to raise awareness of special offers and local promotions. The Kinema In The Woods use push notifications to let the app users know about discounted tickets and film times. The updates appear even if the mobile devices are temporarily inactive, so are a great way to get messages direct to customers. A recent study revealed that push notifications increase mobile app use by 300%. They have the positive impact of converting mobile users into paying customers.

Companies who rely upon traditional marketing methods and ignore the significant potential of such advanced mobile marketing methods will almost certainly lose out to their technologically inclined rivals over the coming months. Prospective customers will expect seamless and hassle-free mobile experiences. As the digital audience continues to expand, it will be necessary to roll out mobile apps for users of different ages and interests. Lincoln's businesses have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the ever changing mobile world.

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