“Copywriting. It’s just words, right?”

Great news! Your business is ticking along nicely, you have decided to expand your marketing into the established and effective medium of email and now you can’t shake the question: “Why would I need a copywriter?”

Copywriting is more than just putting words together on a page; it’s about knowing your audience, understanding your key messages and maintaining your tone in order to convert the reader of your content into the customer of your business.

So many businesses get lost in the safe familiarity of corporate speak that they forget a key fact: business leaders, customers, clients, execs… they are all people too. They will all go home and the end of a day and no doubt watch some terrible telly, catch up on family dramas, grab the sport highlights or discuss the decline of quality menu choices at their local boozer.

So when your email pings its way into their crammed inboxes at midday, a carefully constructed – yet distinctive – email will be a welcome break from the otherwise mundane monotony of business-talk correspondence.

This is where having focused copywriting makes all the difference, from the subject line to the email content, you have barely five seconds in which to grasp the attention of your reader. Structure, key words, tone and business identity are the elusive key to the conversion rate puzzle, hit the right spot and your single email in an overflowing inbox will become a click-through to your website.

Get the copy of your website up to scratch and reap the rewards; perhaps the question you need to be asking is: “Why have I not used a copywriter before?”

Have a look at our Professional Writing Services and transform your literature from ‘meh’ to ‘more!’

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